could never be enough until it is

am tired with it….. didn’t you hear her say? she work so had as days go by… i would prefer to remain silent for the rest of my days….. am not yet top, you please anyone and you think that”s what am up for i think you are mistaken loving the life i live became my passion and i made it my decision……….. you….. you …i don’t love you because you are my only option but because i made it a passion

i respect even those whom we think they do not deserve….. mind you there is no ripercurtion i became what ave always wanted even when am not yet there because i made it my lifestyle…. I understand that we are not made with what people say but what we say about ourselves…

Still valuable??

I woke up…. Beautiful morning with sweet melodies from the birds as they sang having seen a new dawn, I looked around me to see if there was anyone, only to see non, I….. I tried to lift my arm only to find out it was so heavy.. Pain instilled in me…… Still I don’t understand why, and why me????

Tell me if this is what you were after🀫 look at me… Do you assertain I deserve it……..πŸ€• Was I the one to bear you children or to bear your beatings πŸ€₯….. You locked me in your love only to get it’s a yolk of inhumane….. Will you tell people am still important πŸ€ͺ shhhh🀫🀫 do I still look valuable 😱 need the truth right about now πŸ€‘πŸ˜“

Stop girl child abuseπŸ½πŸ’«….. ………. stars still wanna be beautiful even when they say beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder….. I wanna retain mine even when I grow old… Old are the days when even dangaree was old fashioned….. Long are the days when I could not express how am feeling… How am leaving….or will I be freeing.. I want to be free living God praising not to be lying when other people are waking…… I want you leave me in peace not pieces πŸ’”πŸ’•πŸ’–S

My eyes still can’t open…. Honestly what happened πŸ˜ͺ can someone please tell me why am touchered ….. Why am being harassed…. Is it because was born to suffer???? Is it because they said my teacher wasn’t a farrian!???? I mean ,we all understand rasters do not cause trouble…. But why are you trying to pin me down????😒… Is this what you promised at the alter???. Do you remember when we walked down the isle 😡 enjoying both parents company….🀠 😭